• Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan ( ADAJ )

An annual magazine issued by the General Antiquities Department since 1951, latest edition No.55 for 2011. The magazine is published in both Arabic and English and it mainly documents findings of archeological activities and excavations in Jordan and the neighboring countries. The issue is sold for JD20.

• Studies in the History and Archaeology of Jordan ( SHAJ )

A publication which includes research studies presented to the conference entitled “Jordan’s History and Antiquities” organized every three years. The first was in 1980 and the 10th conference was held in 2010. The 10th volume was issued about the 10th conference entitled “Jordan over the Ages” which was held at the US George Town University in 2007.

• Athar
An annual publication issued by the Antiquities Department as early as 1998 with the aim of increasing public awareness about the value of antiquities and keeping the general public well informed about the kingdom’s historical treasures and the central role of the department to preserve these treasures.

• Munjazat
It is an annual magazine of which the first edition was issued in 2000. It is devoted to publish executive summaries of the department local and international projects including excavations, survey, restoration and conservation work carried out or supervised by the department in cooperation with local institutions.  

• Journal of Epigraphy and Rock Drawings (JERD)
Journal of Epigraphy and Rock Drawings (JERD)
It is an annual periodical Journal issued by the Department of Antiquities of Jordan. It is devoted to study inscriptions and rock drawings in the ancient Near East, especially Jordan and neighboring countries